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    Sandfirden extends their portfolio to support the use of alternative fuels even wider
    Sandfirden Technics will provide a one stop solution for clients such as Shipyards and Shipowners. On top of existing industrial- and marine products like Scania (bio) diesel engines and Scania based (bio) natural gas engines.

    IMO Tier-III certified and EU Stage-V compliant without the need of an exhaust gas after treatment system. Power range 200 - 415kWm, pending the application. Methanol (MD97) with 3% additive for lubrication and ignition improvement gives the fuel diesel like properties.

    Perfect combination
    The experience and knowhow at ENMAR, as a spinn-off from ScandiNAOS AB, combined with the global expertise at Sandfirden Technics as Scania industrial- and marine dealer and genset supplier for over 55 years, forms a solid basis for a successful collaboration.

    Knowledge makes the difference!
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