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    Ship-owners choose Scania engines because they don’t want to take risks. To them, unsurpassed reliability is of decisive importance. Sandfirden Technics has stood for excellence in delivery and service for many years now.

    The Scania brand signifies high quality and operational efficiency. Scania’s products and services provide users with the maximum return on their activities. This is why Scania engines are the first choice of customers for whom high capacity and low operating costs have the highest priority.

    Scania builds engines for industrial and maritime applications – engines that are built for propulsion, power generation, and for driving pumps and bow thrusters. Thanks to Scania’s own engine management systems (EMS) and emissions control, these engines produce the maximum performance and minimal emissions.

    AGCO Power Inc. (formerly SisuDiesel) is a manufacturer of reliable diesel engines for industrial machines, maritime applications and generators. In 2008, this Finnish engine manufacturer decided to entrust its entire production and certification of maritime diesel engines to Sandfirden Technics. About 95% of all AGCO SISU POWER diesel engines – which are certified to CCR2 and IMO standards – are used in diesel gensets.

    Throughout the years, Dresser-Rand has supplied fleets with propulsion and auxiliary equipment in compliance with the most demanding emissions standards. Its propulsion and auxiliary marine engines offer a strong, robust design that complies with IMO Tier 2 and CCNR2. These engines are highly reliable and easy to install and maintain. The environmentally friendly design offers a long service life.
    December 2014 the Spanish engine manufacturer decided to appoint Sandfirden Technics as her Benelux representative for Guascor® marine engines.

    Thordon designs and manufactures a complete range of high-performance, environmentally friendly polymer bearings for marine, pump, hydro-turbine, offshore and other industrial markets. From water-lubricated stern tube and rudder bearings for ships to grease-free wicket gate bearings, Thordon provides innovative non-polluting bearing solutions that will meet the technical requirements of your application.

    Optimarin is a 25 year pioneer in the industry, always being one of the leaders to bring innovative solutions to the market which works. The company is closing in on 1000 systems sold, and more importantly more than half of these systems are already installed onboard ships and in operation. Optimarin not only delivers an approved Ballast Water Treatment system in compliance with all international regulations on Ballast Water Treatment, but also deliver customer satisfaction with a system that actually works and is thoroughly field proven.

    Becker Marine Systems is known throughout the world for its high-performance, state-of-the-art rudders and nozzle systems. This company, which has more than 69 years’ experience and has seen its products installed on more than 8,000 vessels, has proven itself a reliable supplier. Becker works with various international industries and other partners to design even better products. All rudder profiles and configurations are tailored to the customer’s requirements.

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