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  • Meet Sandfirden Technics at RioleringsVakdagen 2020

    Sandfirden Technics gives you a warm welcome at RioleringsVakdagen

    When: 16-18 June 2020
    Where: Evenementenhal, Gorinchem, The Netherlands
    Stand no.: D126
    Registration: Online registration

    The 11th edition of Rioleringsvakdagen will take place on 16, 17 and 18 June 2020 in Evenementenhal Gorinchem. Again this trade fair with focus on sewer management and urban water management is organized in combination with Aqua Nederland Vakbeurs .

    Sewage and wastewater can be a tough environment for bushings, to say the least. Traditional bushings that continuously operate in these dirty, abrasive laden liquid conditions, will often see premature wear leading to a short bearing life. This is not the case with Thordon bearings. As an ideal replacement for greased iron, greased bronze bushings, as well as roller bearings, Thordon grease free bushings can be found in a number of applications including pumps, conveyors, screens, drums, flocculators, aerators and grit tanks. Thordon sewage and wastewater bearing grades were specifically developed and engineered to improve the reliability and performance of equipment operating in these harsh conditions. An improvement in bearing performance can significantly reduce maintenance costs and related down time compared to traditional bearing solutions.

    Thordon works!

    The long operating life and self-lubricating properties of Thordon bearings, coupled with our extensive stock, have made the Sandfirden Technics / Thordon bearings combination successful in the marine, clean power generation, pump, offshore and industrial markets for many years.

    Sandfirden Technnics is exclusively Thordon agent for the Benelux and we will be pleased to inform you about the possibilities during RioleringsVakdagen. We look forward to meet you on our booth D126.  Would you like to make an appointment? Please contact Mr. Willem Noor, Account Manager Thordon, via