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  • Meet Sandfirden Technics at Shipping Technics Logistics 2021

    Sandfirden Technics gives you a warm welcome at
    Shipping Technics Logistics

    When: 21-22 Sept 2021
    Where: Messe Kalkar, Germany
    Stand no.: 131
    Registration: Online registration

    Sandfirden Technics will attend the Shipping Technics Logistics 2021, the only tradeshow for inland shipping in Germany. German and Dutch companies will exhibit their latest products, trends, innovations and services of the complete maritime sector..

    Sandfirden Technics will introduce the Scania EU Stage V 13 liter engine for the maritime market during Shipping Technics Logistics 2021.

    For the development of this new engine, Sandfirden Technics used the certified Scania EU Stage V industrial engine.
    With his modular design, the engine offers easy installation for the producer of the equipment as well as easy access to daily checks and service for the operator. The engine can be fitted with many accessories such as air cleaners, PTOs, exhaust fittings and flywheels, to suit a variety of installations. The basis of the technology starts with Scania's Euro 6 concept; a diesel oxidation catalyst, a selective catalyst reduction unit and a diesel particulate filter. A proven and fuel efficient solution.

    Scania DC-13 EU Stage V

    This maritime Scania DC-13 engine family is available in four versions with a power range between 250 and 400 kWm. Meanwhile, the development of the Scania DC-16 EU Stage V engine is also at an advanced stage. And it won't be long before this version is also available.

    We will be pleased to inform you about the possibilities during Shipping Technics Logistics. We look forward to meet you on our booth 131.  Would you like to make an appointment? Please send an email to

    Shipping Technics Logistics 2021