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  • Bureau Veritas Type Approval on our SGI-16M gas engine

    Powered by Scania gas generatorsets

    Newest SGI-16M plug & play for ESD or Gas Safe machinery

    Newest SGI-16M plug & play for ESD or Gas Safe machinery

    Recently Sandfirden Technics in Den Oever received the official Bureau Veritas Type Approval document for the internal combustion Gas fueled only engine SGI-16M. A newest designed 16 litre gas engine with a power output of 300 kWm / 1500 rpm and 350 kWm/1800 rpm.

    Starting 2012, Sandfirden Technics sold and maintains many, gas fueled only, Powered by Scania single speed marine gas engines, mainly as part of a complete plug & play Sandfirden genset. These gensets are supplied for various Inland WaterWay- and Sea going vessels in The Netherlands and abroad. Since the introduction of a new marine engine platform at Scania, Sandfirden decided to use that platform for the newest designed 16 litre gas engine.

    The newest Powered by Scania marine Gas engine SGI-16M is available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz version with capacities of 300kWm / 1500rpm and 350kWm / 1800rpm MCR. It is standard equipped with a double circuit keel cooled system, a Control & Monitoring system, a knocking detection system, a 50mbar Low Pressure Reducing Set and the EIAPP IMO Tier-III certificate. Of course, more options are available on request.

    Sandfirden Technics has built up a wealth of knowledge and can work with you to establish the best version for your application. The SGI-16M Gas engine is intended for marine auxiliary application included electrical propulsion installed in ESD machinery space or in Gas Safe configuration machinery.

    First test, then deliver
    Every set is thoroughly tested at our test centre in Den Oever. These tests are attended by representatives of Bureau Veritas or other leading classification agencies, so that all necessary safety, materials and emission certificates can be issued immediately.

    Spares and service
    Our 24/7 service organization combined with the 4,000+ spare parts we keep in our warehouse, means that we can guarantee that your engine or generator set will enjoy an extended life.

    For further details please contact Sandfirden Technics' Sales Director Erik de Wit,