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    Worldwide delivery

    A Sandfirden Technics industrial engine is available in a diesel or gas version at highly competitive prices and with fast, worldwide delivery.

    A Sandfirden Technics industrial generator set consists of a 4-stroke internal combustion engine with generator. The real skill lies in linking engine and generator. Knowledge, creativity and skill are needed to match the set fully to its application. That’s the strength of Sandfirden Technics. The program comprises standard sets and custom-made combinations with optional noise-dampening housings and/or radiator cooling. The generator set is available in a diesel or gas version at highly competitive prices and with fast, worldwide delivery.

    As well as diesel, there's also biogas
    With increasingly stricter emissions requirements and rising costs, it’s certainly worthwhile checking out the use of biogas as the main fuel. And that’s possible! Sandfirden Technics knows a lot about biogas. So we can also advise you about applications and the special safety measures that apply.

    Job proven performance
    With Sandfirden Technics’ industrial diesel and gas engines a wide range of solutions is available. The industrial engines and generator sets deliver the reliability and high specific performance you can expect to improve productivity and efficiency.

    Top brands
    Sandfirden Technics uses only top brands, such as Scania (Sweden) and AGCO Power (Finland).

    Every engine and set are thoroughly tested at our test centre in Den Oever. These tests are attended by representatives of leading classification agencies, so that all necessary safety, materials and emission certificates can be issued immediately.

    Engine Management System
    The control box designed by Sandfirden Technics constantly checks, controls and protects the generator set – to guarantee top performance and reliability.

    Remote monitoring
    Sandfirden Technics provides an extra service for users of our engines generator sets in the horticulture market: we can automatically monitor the operation of the engine and set from our centre in Den Oever. This service is part of a maintenance contract.

    You can find Sandfirden everywhere!
    Sandfirden Technics gensets are used throughout the world in the earthmoving, horticulture and industrial construction sectors.

    Our 24/7 service and extensive stock of spare parts guarantee that your diesel and gas engine and generator set will enjoy an extended life.

    Call +31 (0)227 513613 to talk to the right person. Or you can call or email direct to:

    Gaeonn Meyer
    Account Manager Industry
    Tel.: +31 (0)227 513623



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