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    Sandfirden Technics supplies marine diesel engines with fixed or variable RPM. The range comprises both standard and custom-made engines. Their most important benefits are reliability, low fuel consumption, excellent efficiency, competitive prices and performance, plus the fact that standard versions can usually be supplied straight from stock. Even worldwide.

    Top brands
    Sandfirden Technics uses exclusively top-class engines, such as those manufactured by Scania (Sweden), AGCO Power (Finland) and Dresser-Rand Guascor (Spain).

    Every engine is thoroughly tested at our test centre in Den Oever. These tests are attended by representatives of leading classification agencies, so that all necessary safety, materials and emission certificates can be issued immediately.

    Engine Management System
    The control box designed by Sandfirden Technics constantly checks, controls and protects the engine – guaranteeing top performance and reliability.

    You can find Sandfirden everywhere!
    You can find Sandfirden Technics marine diesel engines throughout the world in the maritime, inland navigation, dredging, fisheries, ferries, OEMs and luxury yacht building sectors.

    Our 24/7 service and extensive stock of spare parts guarantee that your diesel engine will enjoy an extended life.

    New generation Scania EU Stage V engines

    Scania 13 litre and 16 litre marine diesel engines are available for both propulsion and generator drive with the new EU Stage V certificate. The output range for propulsion is 257 – 405 kW and for gensets 257 – 397 kW at 1500 rpm and 257- 404 kW at 1800 rpm.

    The complete EU Stage V certified system is equipped with an exhaust gas after-treatment unit and motor management system, is compact and therefore extremely suitable for inland shipping applications.

    Call +31 (0)227 513613 to talk to the right person. Or you can call or email direct to:

    Erik de Wit
    Account Manager Maritime
    Tel.: +31 (0)227 513612

    Jesse Pieter Kolk
    Account Manager Maritime
    Tel.: +31 (0)227 513613

    John Oudkerk
    Account Manager Fishery
    Tel.: +31 (0)227 513624





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