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  • Repowering SGI-13 gas engines powered by Scania

    Repowering SGI-13 gas engines powered by Scania

    For several years, Sandfirden Technics has been closely involved in replacement of existing biogas engines with modern technology in different European countries.

    The efficiency of existing biogas plants is improved by the use of Powered by Scania SGI-13 gas engines with an efficiency over 43% running on biogas.

    There are many so-called dual-fuel engines in the field. With dual-fuel technique, diesel injection is used to ignite gas in the combustion chamber. Replacement by 100% gas engines saves between € 25,000 and € 100,000 on diesel costs; depending on the size of the installation. In addition, the dual-fuel engines often do not meet the currently applicable emission requirements.

    In addition to improve efficiency, modern technology also ensures low emissions. The SGI-13 gas engines have low NOx emissions and in combination with an OxiCat the formaldehyde emissions are <20mg. The Powered by Scania gas engines complies with the European requirements valid from 2019.

    Do you want to save on service costs, biogas and diesel consumption? Please contact our Sales Dept to inform you about the possibilities;