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  • Scania IMO Tier III demonstration in Den Oever

    Scania IMO Tier III and Green Award presentation and demonstration in Den Oever

    Sandfirden Technics invited Mr. Michael de Clercq of Scania Nederland to give a presentation and demonstration regarding the functioning of a Scania DI-13 IMO Tier III solution.

    The 13 and 16-liter marine engines are the first Scania marine engines with exhaust gases after-treatment. The SCR system is a system developed by Scania herself and is distinguished by its very compact and modular design; a control system that is integrated in the engine management system and therefore easy to install on board. Another advantage is that the engine and exhaust system are certified as one complete system. Through years of experience with the Scania SCR system in automotive and industrial applications this is proven technology.

    Additional, Mr. Jan Fransen explained the Green Award certificate, which has been introduced to promote the quality of seagoing and inland vessels. The advantages for the extra clean and extra safe ships include various financial and non-financial benefits.

    An interesting day at Sandfirden Technics in Den Oever.