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  • Scania SGI 16 ‘with facelift’ runs in Germany

    SGI-16SchultzKiemle Scania SGI16 gasgeneratorsets 500 kWe
    Sandfirden Technics gas engines powered by Scania

    Together with Schultz Biostrom Service E.K. Tamm, Germany Sandfirden Technics last week looked after commissioning at a horticultural company in Germany.

    Onsite two Scania SGI-16 gas generator sets run with a total output of 500 kWe. One of these gas generator is now replaced by a Scania SGI-16 according to the latest technical implementation. According to this facelift the ignition system has been adapted and the mixture control has been reset. The tool life of the spark plugs is also redoubled. As a result, the motor produces a mechanical efficiency greater than 40%.

    The other Scania gasgeneratorset type SGI16, currently running according to the old configuration and might to be replaced in future. For more information please contact Sales Dept.