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    Large basic stock

    Sandfirden Technics delivers spare parts every day – and some of them are parts that were ordered earlier in the day. We keep a basic stock of more than 4,000 spares and components of all represented brands.

    We deliver
    Need a component that is temporarily out of stock, but you must have it now? No problem. We’ll remove the part from one of our spare engines. And we’ll still supply it at a competitive price. You ask, we deliver – always!

    You can find Sandfirden everywhere!
    We supply parts to the short sea shipping, inland navigation, dredging and earthmoving, fisheries, ferries, passenger shipping, offshore, OEM, horticulture and luxury yacht building sectors. Wherever you may be, just contact us and the part will be on its way. As fast as needed.

    Our 24/7 service organization combined with the 4,000+ spare parts we keep in our warehouse, means that we can guarantee that your engine or generator set will enjoy an extended life.


    Call +31 (0)227 513613 to talk to the right person. Or you can call or email direct to:

    Anton de Vries
    Spare Parts Manager
    Tel.: +31 (0)227 513635

    Matthias de Vries
    Ass. Spare Parts Manager
    Tel.: +31 (0)227 513659

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