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  • SGI-16M P96 series Marine Gas engines hit 500.000 running hours milestone

    Sandfirden Technics marine gas engines SGI-16M 500.000 running hours

    Newest SGI-16M plug & play for ESD or Gas Safe machinery

    Since the introduction of the Powered by Scania P96 series SGI-16M Gas engine on world's first LNG powered tank barge in 2013, Sandfirden Technics sold around 24 of these gas engines. Most of them responsible for the total 500.000 operational running hours and all installed in LNG fuelled vessels.

    The engine runs as part of a Sandfirden GL820M Auxiliary Marine Gas genset, mainly as part of a fully Gas Electric Propulsion Solution. A number of these SGI-16M gas engines are executed with duel fuel conventional propulsion system on board of vessels

    Its proven reliability and availability are keys to achieve the successful 500.000 operating milestone.

    For further details please contact Sandfirden Technics' Sales Director Erik de Wit,