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Sandfirden Technics

Sustainable solutions for marine and industry

Sandfirden Technics has been inventively combining technologies and materials in the field of marine and industry for many years. Through continuous innovation and development, we are able to meet the highest environmental and safety standards. For example, we have developed various solutions to achieve the emission reduction.

Specialist in customization

We offer a total solution for all production purposes. Whether you are looking for a reliable drive, a solution for power supply or maneuvering. Our team is ready to help design, realize and exploit ideas. We provide a reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution that meets all requirements.

Always the right solution

  • Generator sets for marine and industry
  • Marine methanol, LNG and diesel engines
  • Industry biogas, natural gas and diesel engines
  • Sandfirden Duopac steering gear
  • Becker battery systems
  • Thordon bearings

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The solution for Natura 2000 areas

Our Scania Stage V engines are the latest addition to our impressive product line. These engines are designed for low emissions with a compact design that complies with the latest environmental requirements. Under the stringent environmental requirements, engines must minimise particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Our Stage V engine uses an aftertreatment system to keep NOx emissions below 1 g/kWh. That is less than the stated requirement.

Maximum torque at low rpm

This engine also delivers maximum torque at low rpm, up to 34% higher than a comparable DI13 marine engine. Its compact design and Bureau Veritas type approval also makes it the most efficient Stage V engine today.

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