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Inland waterway.

Maritime solutions

Our energy systems from Scania and AGCO Power are up to the task; from powering planing vessels to pushing heavy ships upstream and heavy auxiliary applications.

These systems are used in maritime applications all over the world; they are instantly responsive, have an impressive power-to-weight ratio and fuel efficiency, and give the sense of absolute confidence and reliability. From patrol and fishing vessels to passenger and cargo ships.

Our solutions

Reliable energy solutions

We supply marine engines with power ratings from 74 kW to 882 kW, as well as instrumentation, aftertreatment systems and other related components. They can be combined with many different transmissions, propellers and reverse gears.

Supporting services

From design and installation to actual commissioning. With Scania and AGCO Power, Sandfirden is a reliable combination for shipyards and ship owners alike.

  • Reference

    Sonora | Scania DC13 Stage V 450pk

  • Reference

    Veridis Quo | Scania DC13 Stage V 350pk

  • Reference

    Kreeft | 2x Riverline diesel generator sets 400kWe

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