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Maritime solutions

For decades, Sandfirden has been applying new technologies and materials in the field of shipping. Constant innovation and development enable us to meet high environmental and safety standards.

Complete package

We aim to provide our customers with a complete package for their vessels. Our innovative marine solutions include bow thrusters, steering gear, generator sets and engines that run on different fuels.

We specialise in customisation

Our support services range from design and installation to actual commissioning. We are known for our professional approach and quality. Over our years of experience, we have built an extensive network that enables us to provide customised solutions.

If you are looking for the most innovative and reliable maritime solutions, contact us for more information.

Our solutions
  • Reference

    Eidsvaag omega | 3x Oceanline diesel generator sets

  • Reference

    Anchorage | 1x Oceanline diesel generator set

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