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Sustainable Stage V engines for trawlers and cutters

Sandfirden offers powerful and compact Stage V engines for fishing vessels. Our Stage V engines are available in 13-litre and 16-litre versions. The 13-litre offers a power range of 253-398 kW. The 16-litre has a power range of 402-512 kW. Both engines are equipped with a common-rail fuel injection system that ensures precise fuel delivery and low fuel consumption.

Compact aftertreatment system

An additional advantage is the compact design, making this engine easy to install in tight spaces. We always have a suitable solution whether for inland fishing, a coastal Euro cutter, the North Sea or deep sea.

Our solutions
  • Reference

    WON50 | Scania DC13 Stage V

  • Reference

    WR-289 | Scania DC13 310a

  • Reference

    ZK-14 | Scania DI13 092M

The solution for Natura 2000 areas

Our Scania Stage V engines are the latest addition to our impressive product range. Due to strict environmental requirements, engines are required to meet minimum particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Our Stage V engine ensures NOx emissions less than <1gr/kWh thanks to its compact aftertreatment system. That is less than the stipulated requirement.

Maximum torque at low rpm

The Scania Stage V engine is a completely new developed engine design with common rail fuel injection and variable turbocharger geometry. With this new features the egine offers up to 34% more torque at low revolutions as a comparable DI13 marine engine. Furthermore the compact aftertreatment system and BV type approval makes it a suitable solution for almost every application.

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