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Test first, then deliver.

Modern test centre

Every generator set we build and every new or reconditioned internal combustion engine goes to the test centre before delivery. Our modern test centre has facilities to simulate a ship’s engine room or an industrial situation precisely in terms of cooling capacity, propulsion load and electrical power. This enables us to guarantee the good quality of our products.

Ample capacity for engines and generator sets

The hall is divided into three separate test areas. One is for engine testing, one for generator set testing, and one for endurance testing.

The test bench for engines can handle units up to 780 kWe. The test bench for generator sets has capacity for six diesel or gas engines of up to 1,200 kWe to be lined up and tested simultaneously on both diesel and gas. A third test bench is used to conduct endurance tests of single-speed diesel and gas engines.

Also available for third parties

You can also take advantage of these unique facilities where each trial is always concluded with well-documented test data.

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