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Vacancies and work placements.

Working at Sandfirden

Everyone in our company has a lot of passion for their work. Staff who have been working here for over 10 years are no exception. With a flexible work culture and opportunities for advancement, there is plenty of room to develop here.

We are all working towards the same goal. Sustainability, innovation, good service, and above all taking great pleasure in your work.

Practical work placement

As a work placement student, you will be part of a department and help with daily tasks. But you are also given an assignment or a project you are responsible for yourself. You will mainly be doing practical work, and contributing ideas within the organisation is also highly valued.

Graduate work placement

During this work placement, you will conduct research for Sandfirden Technics. This work placement at the college or university level will result in a recommendation for the organisation. The end product is a research report that you present to stakeholders within the organisation. It is important to us that the recommendations can be used in practice. Your help in implementing the recommendations is essential!

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