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Becker Marine Systems.

Reliable manoeuvring systems

The international maritime industry faces major challenges. There is demand for more efficiency, more sustainability and more safety in the global markets. Becker Marine Systems’ products offer great solutions for manoeuvring systems and energy-saving devices for vessels such as luxury yachts, container ships, cruise ships and ferries.

Nozzle for one propeller

The Becker Mewis Duct consists of a nozzle mounted in front of the propeller in two parts together with an integrated fin system. The duct accelerates the hull wake to the propeller. Together with the fin system, this results in more propeller thrust.

Guaranteed lower energy consumption

The Becker Mewis Duct is an energy-saving nozzle developed for full-form slower ships. This new nozzle provides significant fuel savings at a certain speed or can allow the vessel to sail faster at a certain power level. At the same time, the Mewis Duct reduces CO2 and NOx emissions. This time, the environmentally friendly contribution comes from underwater. Becker goes one step further and is the only one to guarantee the promised performance.

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Maritime battery systems

By significantly reducing fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions, batteries for hybrid power, storage and main drive offer extraordinary benefits.

An attractive option for the maritime sector

With the improved capacity-to-weight ratio of lithium-ion technology and growing demand for lower emissions, batteries have become an increasingly attractive option for large-scale power supply in the marine sector.