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Proven reliability and sustainability.

Marine gas engines

The marine gas engines Sandfirden develops in-house are incorporated into generator sets. They are usually used for auxiliary power generation. But today they are also often used for electric propulsion.

An environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution

The engines in these generator sets can be run on LNG fuel. Our marine gas engines are very efficient and deliver outstanding performance. With the increasing demand for clean energy, gas engines for shipping are becoming more popular because they are an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution.

For maritime shipping, Sandfirden supplies a Scania-based gas engine. It has BV type approval and is IMO Tier III certified.
The engine can be fitted either in an ESD (Emergency Shut Down) designed engine room or in a gas safe engine room. The engines are available in power ratings from 250 kW at 1500 rpm to 350 kW at 1800 rpm.

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