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4000 parts always in stock.

Fixed base inventory

Sandfirden has an extensive assortment of spare parts from brands such as Scania, AGCO Power, Thordon, and others. Sandfirden specialises in sectors such as shipping, inland navigation, fishing, luxury yacht building, greenhouse farming, commercial real estate, agriculture and other sectors.

Fast delivery and clear pricing

We have the highest quality parts, excellent service and clear pricing for all these sectors. With fast shipping, reliable delivery and customer-oriented service, Sandfirden guarantees customer satisfaction. Our staff have a lot of knowledge and experience in the different areas where they are active. With their expertise and competence, customers can be confident that they will get reliable service with the best parts at the most favourable price.

A large inventory

If parts that are not in stock need to be delivered urgently, we offer a solution. We’ll remove that part from one of our spare engines for you to use immediately.

Our availability of over 4,000 spare parts enables us to keep your engine and generator set maintained in the long term. And we offer this at an attractive price.

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