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DuoPac steering gear.

Compact steering gear

Our DuoPac steering systems are designed to provide maximum control of the ship. By making use of modern developments in the field of hydraulics and electrical installations, the system guarantees outstanding performance of the ship’s steering gear. The efficient plug & play system can be used in any engine room.

DuoPac steering gear is equipped with double-acting cylinders and can be completed with electric start boxes, control, tracking and warning systems, integrated top rudder lowering and electric rudder position indicator.

Important characteristics

  • Compact design without installation or piping / “plug & play”
  • Assembly without blueprint
  • Cylindrical shaft for easy installation
  • Integrated safe tank
  • Simple maintenance
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Approved by all major classification societies

Available range

Torque: 100-200 kNm
Tiller shaft diameter: 130-280 mm
Rudder angle: 2x 45º-55º

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