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    Exclusive Thordon agent for the Benelux.

    High quality elastomeric polymer bearing systems

    Thordon Bearings Inc. designs and produces environmentally friendly elastomeric polymer bearing systems.

    The bearings are made from high-quality polymer. This is ideal in situations where high design load, point load or abrasive particles occur.

    Thordon works!
    The long operating life and self-lubricating properties of Thordon bearings, coupled with our extensive stock, have made the Sandfirden Technics / Thordon bearings combination successful in various markets for many years.

    Thordon bearings are used in:

    • vessels
    • cutter suction dredgers
    • rigs
    • hydro power plants
    • pumps
    • industrial applications

    Oil and grease free bearings

    Thordon Bearings provides reliable, cost effective, non-metallic bearing solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications.

    An engineered thermoplastic bearing specifically developed to operate as a drinking water component used in the treatment and distribution of potable water and as a material used in the construction of food equipment. ThorPlas-White: easy to design, machine and install. Most important benefits are low friction operation, good dry run capability due to built-in lubricants and high resistance to heat, corrosion and abrasion.

    ThorPlas-White bearings are used in:

    • replacement for bronze and roller bearings
    • water treatment plants
    • food processing plants that require water
    • mixer / agitator bearings
    • pumps: well and river, submersible, water intake
    • bottle filling equipment and valve bearings
    • water wheels and irrigation systems
    • conveyor bearings, hanger bearings
    • milling equipment, labeling equipment
    • scrapers

    Call +31 (0)227 513613 to talk to the right person. Or you can call or email direct to:

    Willem Noor
    Account Manager Thordon
    Tel.: +31 (0)227 513616

    Chris Kuut
    Sales Engineer Thordon
    Tel.: +31 (0)227 513622

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