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Thordon Bearings.

High quality bearings

Thordon Bearings Inc. designs and produces environmentally-friendly plastic plain bearings for the shipping, clean power generation, pump, offshore and industrial markets.

Thordon products typically work with water or dry in slow oscillating applications, eliminating the need to use grease or oil. All these products offer exceptional service life, low coefficient of friction, and are very easy to install on site.

Successful for many years

The long service life and self-lubricating properties of Thordon bearings, and certainly also the extensive stock we keep, have led to Sandfirden’s success with Thordon bearings in various markets for many years.

Simplicity and sustainability

Thordon is a pioneer in the development of pollution-free bearing designs. They provide bearings that use water for lubrication in maritime applications where many other bearings still use oil and grease for lubrication, including rudder bearings, deck machinery bearings and propeller shaft bearings for all water conditions. Thordon bearings reduce the environmental impact for users.

Grease-free bearings

Thordon is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable bearings that do not require oil or grease, from grease-free running bearings for clean hydropower production to pump bearings in a variety of industrial applications.
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