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Power soures

for agriculture.

Reliable diesel engines

Sandfirden supplies reliable agricultural engines for a wide range of agricultural machinery. Designed with durable construction, long service intervals and simple on-site maintenance. These machines with more power increase production capacity. With AGCO Power and Scania engines and their renowned high torque, machines get the power they need.

Meets the most stringent emission standards

Industrial engines from AGCO Power and Scania push the boundaries when it comes to performance, reliability and operational efficiency. You can choose from several engine variants and power outputs ranging from 75 kW to 556 kW. There is increasing demand for cleaner power. These engines meet the most stringent emission standards.

More information
  • Agricultural machines

    Many agricultural machines are only used during harvest season, but daily activities in the sector also need internal combustion engines to work well.

  • Arable farming machines

    During the harvest season, a reliable power source is essential. Our engines offer an excellent balance of power, weight, fuel efficiency and low emissions.

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