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Biogas is the future.

Sustainable solutions for livestock farms and landfills

It is clear that biogas has great potential for the future. The proven alternative to Russian or Groningen natural gas. Biogas is the result of a conjunction of people, animals and innovation. In this way, animals can literally warm us through innovative manure processing.

Our biogas units make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gases. Our CHP systems convert fuel into electricity and heat.

A proven alternative to natural gas

Biomethane is an efficient and clean fuel that does not produce waste, meaning that it fulfils the principles of a sustainable circular economy without loss. Many locations grant subsidies to operators of combined heat and power plants fuelled by biomethane.

More information
  • Biogas is produced 
    using fermentation

    The gases released by a landfill are used efficiently to generate power or heat to supply surrounding areas with electricity or district heating.

  • Livestock

    The gases released from manure are used to generate electricity or heat for your farm and reduce energy costs by up to 43% percent.

  • Landfill gas

    One of the ways to convert biomass into biogas is fermentation. Fermentation uses micro-organisms (yeasts) to convert biomass into alcohol, lactic acid, methane and CO2 and other products.

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