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Greenhouse farming.

Heat and power source for greenhouses

The electricity and heat requirement can vary depending on the type of crop. Aside from lighting, pumps and other machines require electrical energy, while the thermal energy is used to keep the ambient temperature constant at the required level.

With a reliable Sandfirden combined heat and power (CHP) system, the energy required is supplied from a single source. It is perfectly adapted to your needs. By planning and setting up the combined heat and power system accurately, all your energy needs can be met in a way that is friendly to your budget and the environment.

Advantages of CHP

With combined heat and power (CHP), you actually have your own small-scale power plant. This is perfect for generating electricity and heat for greenhouses, in combination with generator. The electricity it generates is used to light crops optimally.

If you generate more heat than you need, you can use it in other places. A CHP is among the environmentally friendly options currently available.

More information
  • Plant growers

    Total system efficiency of ~ 90%

  • Vegetable growers

    Efficiently saves production costs by reducing output from other sources.

  • Fruit growers

    We’re happy to work with you to provide a complete solution with combined heat and power for greenhouses.

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